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My Journey to 144k Views Technical Story

This is a story to welcome me to back after long time resting and mention my most view story since 2019

Hoang Subin
4 min readOct 13, 2022


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In this story, I will share about how I start to write on Medium and get 144k views on story about Angular only.

  • How I know medium
  • What we can learn about writing on Medium
  • My most view story ever

How I know medium

Hi there, if you are a Medium reader and never write on this great platform, you will get some motivation from these stories to start to write about yours here.

I never think that I will write about what I have been working on and using Medium for years before I write on it to share my experience about coding.

Before using Medium, I use

  • Stackoverflow to find out answer for daily problem I got.
  • Github to learn how to code better from profressional one

Then one day I tried to google to install Jest to my current Angular application, I found Medium post and this page starting to be my favorite one and it is very unique that I can get more detail about what I want and experience of the writer also.

Until a day comes, I decide to write an article to share about how I install jest on Angular project with the latest update in 2019 that is sharing different stuff that I have found.

That day I become Medium writer.

What I have learnt about writing on Medium

Here are stuff I got when I start to write on Medium.

  • Find good topic
  • Write a good content
  • Get high views
  • Get friends
  • Time management

Find good topic

Actually this is not hard for me, I get topics everywhere, just not have time to write it down because it is all my daily work.

However, Sometimes I find a topic based on what I read on other medium publications related…